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12th Mar, 2017

I'm back.........

Yes I'm still alive and doing fine. Buster is doing well and has a little friend so I got a little busy. I'm still writing though I suffered with writer's block. I got to the point where I had too many story ideas in my head and had to put them onto paper in some form. I'm still doing that and I plan on getting into writing again

28th Jan, 2015


If anyone has read my profile they will notice a slight change to the names. I've had a few losses over the past year. I lost Brandy and bought Goldie, then in November after he became ill I lost my dog Cocoa. I had to put a few thing on hold especially as someone decided that I needed another dog and I ended up with a puppy which I called Buster. Finally only a few days after New Year I lost Rob and got Ollie. However it is Buster who has taken up my time followed by work and then prep for my original story. I do plan to try and get back into it when Buster is a little older so stay tuned.

9th Nov, 2014

Haven't Forgotten

Yes I am still alive. I am behind on everything due to the fact that I had to send my laptop off to be repaired. But I have it back now and I plan on catching up with everything.

18th Sep, 2014

Still alive....

I'm still here and I'm still trying to write. I am currently plotting my original story while still trying to finish off several fanfiction stories. As soon as I do I will post the information.

11th Mar, 2014

Here's M P

That's right I am back after my absence. I am sorry for those who may have waited for a post but I have been suffering from terminal writer's block. I finally managed to get several stories finished but I'm still finding it a struggle to write. I plan on posting soon on my live journal account while I finish off one story and type up another.
On a happier note I have actually started research on an actual none fan fiction story. It has helped me with the writer's block but it also slows down the writing as an idea suddenly takes over. Ah, well c'est la vie.

6th Jan, 2012

Quick post 72........

Okay just letting you know that I have just finished posting my latest story over at Live Journal. Should be starting my next story soon.

1st Jan, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Just wishing anyone who reads this a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!!!!!!

25th Dec, 2011


Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you all had a good day.

23rd Nov, 2011

Quick post 71......

Yes I'm still alive. My last story was a real killer and I only just finished on Monday. I plan on starting the next one tomorrow so I have extended the time between the time I write just to get ready. But I think this one might be easier.

19th Oct, 2011

Quick post 70.....

I am so tired and my throat is killing me. Yes I'm back and I have the worst thing known to mankind other than the Black Death or AIDs. They can transplant faces but as of yet they cannot cure a simple cold. I'll be worse tomorrow and I'll be at work. I've just had two days off and I wish that I had come down with this just a little sooner then I could have had my worse day while I was off.

26th Sep, 2011

Quick post 69......

I know a whole month has passed since I made my last post. But I have a good reason. My insomnia reached new levels which made it hard for me to write and as I was in the middle of my story I decided to try to finish it before I did anything else. It also put me behind with my posting so I had a lot to catch up with. I finally caught up yesterday nearly at the end of my two week break which happens to be today. I'll be starting my next story tomorrow and I hope that I won't have the same problems as last time.

24th Aug, 2011

Quick post 68.......

I know that I am really late with this post but I lost my internet connection about a week back and I have only recently got it back on. it has been really annoying because at first I thought it was my laptop and so I sent it to be looked over. I got it back the day after my internet was reconnected. It has mean that I am really behind with my last story because I have only had my pc to work on and as it is older than my laptop it wouldn't accept the version of word I had used to write the story. I did write some stuff on paper but I have had to go through and check my other chapters so that the story makes sense and it has held me back as I have had to rewrite entire chapters to make them fit. Oh well at least I have my two weeks free of writing to look forward to.

7th Aug, 2011

Quick post 67.......

Again I am late. I normally try to post once a week but my writing and my job are stopping that at the moment. On top of that everyone seems to want me to do a job for them meaning I have no free time at all. I'm behind with writing though I am catching up so that isn't too bad. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up so that I can do other things.

24th Jul, 2011

Quick post 66.....

I know I'm really late making a post but that is because I have barely had a day off until a few days ago and I spent those days catching up on the sleep that I missed while trying to write. Someone at work took more than a week off when they weren't supposed to which left us really short staffed because someone was on holiday as well. I ended up working about six full days, five days working full and two half days. Thanks to having my two weeks off from writing filled with work I am still behind in what I wanted to do. I was also late with starting to write as well due to the fact that the last two chapters that I had written made no sense to the story when I went back to reread them.

10th Jul, 2011

Quick post 65........

I have been so tired recently that I have been unable to finish the jobs that I give myself to do. I have worked everyday this week and it won't be until Thursday that I will have any time off. On a happy note I have only one more week before I'm on my week off work.

4th Jul, 2011

Quick post 64......

Yeah I know really late but I had to set finishing my story back two days after something went wrong with my computer, a stocktake and finding out that one of the parts that I had written was wrong. I couldn't believe it however it's sorted now and I started my break a little later than intended but at least it is sorted.

26th Jun, 2011

Quick post 63.......

Okay I know I'm late again but i do have a good excuse. I have been writing really well and not only am I up to date but now I am ahead of myself. So therefore my plan is really simple once I've finished writing I'm going to catch up with the posts and then I'm going to rest.

18th Jun, 2011

Quick post 62.......

I know i'm late again. i still haven't finished posting the last story though I am about half way through with my current one. I'm trying to get ahead so that when I have finished my current story I plan on catching up.

10th Jun, 2011

Quick post 61.......

Yes I know I'm really late with this and I missed out last week. My only excuse is that I got home after my holiday and came down with a cold before I started to write my current story. I have just fallen asleep as soon as I have gotten comfortable after finishing writing a chapter. In fact I'm not far off having written twelve chapters.

24th May, 2011

Quick post 60.......

I'm still on holiday and I am having a really nice rest. I have started some more Merlin stories while I have been having lazy days. Don't get me wrong we have been out to a couple of places but it is nice just being able to sit and do nothing.

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